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1969 Kakpakov, V. T., V. A. Gvozdev, L. G. Polukarova, V. J. Birstein, and T. P. Platova. 1969. The Culture of Drosophila Embryonic Cells: Growth Characteristics, Karyotype, and Functioning of Sex-Linked Genes. In: Struktura i geneticheskie funktsii biopolimer [Structure and Genetic Function of Biopolymers]. Vol. 1 (M., 1969), 61-77 (in Russian) Kakpakov, V. T., V. A. Gvozdev, V.… Read More »

Fake Degrees and Propaganda as History

In April 2016, two Russian historians, Drs. Vyacheslav Kozlyakov and Konstantin Yerusalimsky, specialists on the Russian history of the 15th-17th Centuries, and Dr. Ivan Babitsky, an expert in the Latin Renaissance literature who currently is working at Florence University, Italy, sent the Russian Ministry of Education and Science a 21-page-long review of Vladimir Medinsky’s dissertation, accusing him of… Read More »