Wallenberg and Sudaplatov’s Lies

On July 9, 2021, it was 75 years since the date when Raoul Wallenberg, appointed Secretary at the Swedish Legation, arrived in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The main task of Wallenberg was to protect the Jews of Budapest from the Nazi death machine. He also represented the US War Refugee Council, established by President Franklin Roosevelt to help civilians purged by the Nazis. By that time, 500 thousand Jews in Hungary had already died, and about 200 thousand people should have suffered the same fate in Budapest. Thanks to the courage of Wallenberg, his fellow diplomats and members of the Hungarian resistance, thousands of Budapest Jews were saved. However, on January 17, 1945, Wallenberg himself became a victim when, on the orders of the Soviet leadership, he was detained by officers of the Soviet military counterintelligence SMERSH and sent to Moscow, where he disappeared in 1947.

Susanne Berger and I published two articles devoted to Wallenberg’s arrival in Budapest, “Humanistic philosophy in action” in Jerusalem Post, and “Rysk officer ljög om att Wallenberg avrättats med gift” (“Russian officer lied about Wallenberg being executed with poison”) in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. In connection with the latter articles, I gave an interview in Russian to Dmitri Volchek from Radio Svoboda (Radio Freedom). Below is my translation of the interview into English.

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