Why do Swedish officials stall the Raoul Wallenberg investigation?

Russian authorities apparently know much more about the full circumstances of Raoul Wallenberg’s fate than they have admitted, yet Swedish officials do not push for answers

Susanne Berger          Vadim Birstein

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg’s humanitarian mission to Budapest, to save the close to 200,000 Hungarian Jews that remained in the Hungarian capital from certain death at the hands of the Nazis. Wallenberg’s important legacy of empathy and courage has gained increasing recognition, also in his home country. However, this does not mean that all is well with the Wallenberg case in Sweden – in particular, with the official Swedish handling of the continuing efforts by Raoul Wallenberg’s family to clarify the full circumstances of his fate.

Click here for all the details. A shortened version of this information was published in Swedish on August 27th in Svenska Dagbladet.

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